Introducing most efficient wind turbine on the planet.
Turbine so efficient that it extracts all possible available energy in the given wind and even operate in lower wind speed of 1 m/s depending on size of the windmill. Generate up to 3-4 times more energy than traditional 3 blade wind mills of same diameter, yet are bird friendly, turbulence free and quiet. They work even better in tandem and have no problem working hand in hand, unlike other wind turbines, which needs lot of personal space to work efficiently.

Winergy wind turbines increases the windspeed, delivers higher torque output and run against higher load conditions even at lower wind speeds. We are working on making them more efficient, so they can reach Betz limit. And yes, did we mention that it's possible?

Meet our first prototype Win-8. It's 8 ft diameter windmill. It produces up to 4 kw at 11 m/s wind speed using single propeller or 6 kw when used with contra-rotating propellers. Can be installed on roof tops at residential as well as commercial buildings. No need of heavy cranes or machinery for installation.

Single person, out of the box, DIY installation. Take it with you on Pontoon or ship or trailer, anywhere in the sea or wherever wind flows. It will energize your life as long as wind blows.

No Wind turbine manufacturer gives you guarantee of the energy output at specific wind speed. They don't even show you the actual output of their wind turbines. We are different and seeing is only believing...

Start turning that wind on your property in $$$s with our Win-10 model.

Win-10 Model Specifications

Rated Pawer 8 kW at 13.41 m/s (30.0 mph)
Rated Sound Level 30 dB(A)
Rated Annual Energy 26,280 kWh at 5 m/s (11 mph)
Start-up Wind Speed 1 m/s (2.23 mph)
Cut-in Wind Speed 2.5 m/s (5 mph)
Nominal Power 6 kW @ 13.40 m/s (30 mph)
Cut-out Wind Speed None
Furling Wind Speed NA
Max. Design Wind Speed NA
Type Ducted tube
Rotor Diameter 1.66 m (10 ft)
Blade Pitch Control NA
Overspeed Protection NA
Gearbox 1:10
Temperature Range -40 to +60 Deg. C (-40 to +140 Deg. F)
Generator Permanent Magnet Alternator
Output Form 3 Phase AC, Variable Frequency(240 VAC, 1Ø, 60 Hz or 220 VAC, 1Ø, 50 Hz with Powersync II Inverter.)

Technology evaluation and certification Partners:

National Renewable Energy Indian Institute of Technology

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Winergy - 8

Winergy - 10